Inflation is a very troubling financial threat for all groups. In this case, the presence of investment is a key where you can maintain the value of your money and even have potential profits every year.

However, even so, you still need careful planning and in-depth knowledge about the investment itself. Therefore, here are 5 investment book recommendations that can help your understanding.

The Four Pillars of Investing: Lessons for Building a Winning Portfolio – William J. Bernstein

This book tells the story of a neurologist and financial expert, William J. Bernstein. In this case, Bernstein teaches how to develop a stable growing investment portfolio, using strategies that focus on history, the business of investing, theory, and psychology. Bernstein believes that this strategy can add to the coffers of rupiah deposits constantly. In addition, the delivery used is very easy for novice investors to understand, so the learning process …

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