Branding is basically an activity that aims to build and enhance the identity of a brand/brand with a very broad scope, including trade names, logos, characters, and consumer perceptions of the brand. Brand is also a strategy for companies to get and retain consumers.

  1. Logo and Brand Color

Both of these are very important for product promotion activities. By having a distinctive logo and color, your product is unique which means it will be easily recognized by the public. When people see it, they will know who you are.

Do it from the start of opening a business so that you have a clear visual identity. In addition, also to build a brand to be known by the public.

You can create a logo, for example, from an image that inspires and reflects your vision. This will make developing a visual identity more intuitive and telling. Maybe you can …

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Now, anytime can be the right time to pamper yourself in the midst of fatigue, from shopping, traveling, hanging out and so on. But sometimes it becomes a problem when it’s old. Even though it’s enough with logical shopping, old date is no longer a problem. Check out the following trick.

Determine the Expenditure Budget

Calculating the budget that will be issued is very important. It is possible that our daily needs may be more than one, so that we become accustomed to sorting out what is a priority and not going too far.

Avoid ‘Hungry Eyes’ Excessive

Shopping is not only about meeting needs, but also holding back excessive desires. Many online and offline stores sell a variety of goods in full and at low prices. Do not let ‘hungry eyes’ make our pockets just drained.

Take advantage of existing promotions

It’s time to diligently find out the latest …

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