When the month of Ramadan comes, there are always plans prepared to create various moments with relatives by buying new things. But, be wise in shopping so that finances are maintained. Come on, follow the following logical shopping method:

Saving and Enjoying Sahur

Cook homemade sahur, it’s definitely much more delicious. We can also save more money by shopping for groceries with discounts on fresh produce.

Choose and Sort Bukber Events

Apart from being friendly, bukber is also perfect for refreshing. Home can be one of the most comfortable bukber places. Invite friends or relatives to cook food together to break the fast, it’ll be fun!

What’s New, Doesn’t Mean Everything Is New

Before shopping, you need to determine which items are a priority and still function properly.… Read more “Logical Shopping in the Month Full of Blessings”

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After working for several years, there are certainly some employees who have unwritten hopes of getting a raise, a change in position, or a better position than they are now.

Having a thriving career can indeed motivate work and be a form of self-appreciation after all the effort that has been made.

However, there may be some employees who don’t know how to develop a career. If you are one of them, follow the tips below.

Have a Will to Learn

Wherever you work and your current position, always take advantage of the time to grow at work. Improve the knowledge and skills you have and learn other competencies that are useful for your career development.

Give Opportunity to Grow

Expand your network by building relationships with colleagues, both within your work unit and across work units. Taking the opportunity to be actively involved in cross-functional projects is also an … Read more “Stuck in your career? This Is How To Grow Your Career”

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Approaching Eid al-Fitr, almost all shopping centers will hold various attractive promos, including a midnight sale. As the name implies, this promo is carried out at night and generally there are lots of discounts given.

This is what makes some people interested in shopping during the midnight sale moment. Not infrequently the shopping center will be filled with people who want to get lots of midnight sale promos.

So, if you are one of those who are interested in joining this program, you need to do some of the following preparations so you don’t get lost while shopping.

  1. Find out the Midnight Sale Schedule

The first thing you need to prepare before taking part in the midnight sale is to find out the schedule for implementing the program. The goal is that you don’t miss this program.

You can find information on the internet or social media. By knowing the … Read more “So you don’t get lost, here are 4 preparations before shopping during Midnight Sale”

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The use of credit cards is no stranger to shopping, especially for people who live in urban areas. It is undeniable, almost every shopping center provides EDC machines that really help people who currently tend to be cashless.

Likewise with e-commerce websites where most of them include payment options using credit cards, even with the lure of discounts or 0% installments. However, it is not uncommon for people to be dizzy because the bills at the end of the month swell. This could be because you are not careful in using your credit card. Here are 4 smart ways to use a credit card for shopping.

Use Reward Points

It has become commonplace, credit card issuers will reward their customers in the form of points that can be used for shopping. It’s not impossible, someone can get many benefits by shopping using reward points given by the issuing bank, ranging … Read more “Smart Ways to Use Credit Cards for Shopping”

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As a parent, of course you have thought about your child’s education long ago. In fact, it is not uncommon for newly married couples to have thoughts about the education of their children. Indeed, it is better if we have a mature plan for an important matter. This will avoid things that were previously unthinkable.

One that sometimes preoccupies every parent’s mind about their child’s education is the cost. Day by day, the cost of education is not getting cheaper, but quite the opposite. This is what makes you have to set up a special fund for the education of your baby. Here are 4 ways to prepare for children’s education costs that you can do as early as possible.

Save Money For Education Children

This method is the easiest to do, but it takes consistency. You can save for your children’s education immediately after marriage, even if you haven’t … Read more “How to Prepare Children’s Education Costs”

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