Stuck in your career? This Is How To Grow Your Career

After working for several years, there are certainly some employees who have unwritten hopes of getting a raise, a change in position, or a better position than they are now.

Having a thriving career can indeed motivate work and be a form of self-appreciation after all the effort that has been made.

However, there may be some employees who don’t know how to develop a career. If you are one of them, follow the tips below.

Have a Will to Learn

Wherever you work and your current position, always take advantage of the time to grow at work. Improve the knowledge and skills you have and learn other competencies that are useful for your career development.

Give Opportunity to Grow

Expand your network by building relationships with colleagues, both within your work unit and across work units. Taking the opportunity to be actively involved in cross-functional projects is also an effective way to get to know new people.

Dare To Make Changes

Increase your contribution in the office, don’t hesitate or be afraid to voice your input and make improvements to situations or work processes to make them better. But make sure you have researched or thought well before expressing your opinion in front of your boss or co-workers.

Learn the Career Path in Your Current Position

If you feel stuck, it’s possible that you’ve been too focused on completing assignments, and haven’t taken the time to reflect on your career path from your current position. Then, you start asking yourself: where are you going after this? Has my potential been optimally developed?

To answer your worries, you can take the time to discuss with your boss. Find the right moment, and convey clearly about your career aspirations and concerns that you have. Discuss with your boss about the competencies and work attitudes that need to be strengthened or improved to realize your career aspirations. Your boss can also provide a broader view of career path options that you can take for your own development.

So, there are a few things you can do so that your career doesn’t get stuck there. The career development process takes time, and during the process, make sure you are enthusiastic and consistent in achieving your career goals.

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