Branding is basically an activity that aims to build and enhance the identity of a brand/brand with a very broad scope, including trade names, logos, characters, and consumer perceptions of the brand. Brand is also a strategy for companies to get and retain consumers.

  1. Easy to Recognize

Having a brand or brand will benefit our business because it is more easily recognized by potential customers. So that it will also be easier for customers to choose because the product is branded, which means that the quality is beyond doubt compared to products that are not branded (not yet known). Having a brand or brand can benefit a business because it makes it look different and easily recognized by the target market.

  1. Distinguish One Product from Another

Whatever the product, the function of branding is to provide a characteristic and be a good marker for a product. With this, the product …

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To build a company, make sure you know which parties you can work with so that the company can develop properly in the future. You can start making a list of companies, institutions, organizations, or communities working in fields related to your business.

Next, map out the stakeholders in each of these parties, as well as the forms of cooperation that your company can carry out with them. For example, if your business is engaged in the media sector, you can apply for collaborations with alliances of journalists, other media companies, independent media institutions, student organizations, and so on.

The last step that starts you building a company is everything related to financial management to loans, such as bank guarantees. The Bank has helped many business owners on a large scale to develop their business even better through the provided Bank Guarantee.

For those of you who want to …

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Have you ever felt that you have made various efforts to improve your finances, but various financial problems still occur? You are not alone. Problems that often occur, such as living from payday to the next payday, difficulty getting away from debt bondage, to difficulties communicating with partners and other family members.

These various problems will of course become stressors in one’s personal life and must be address immediately. Based on a survey conducted by the consulting agency PricewaterhouseCoopers in the United States in 2017, the main cause of stress in human life is financial problems.

If financial problems can resolve properly, then the level of individual happiness will also increase. That is why now might be the right moment for you to start changing your mindset and implementing mindful financial planning.

Mindful financial planning is an attempt to use judgment on an individual’s personal experience in making financial decisions. …

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