Let’s see what can be done to increase online store sales through partnerships:

Partners who can provide these benefits may come from:

VIP customer

VIP customers are loyal customers who often buy in large quantities.

Usually these customers expect special treatment that ordinary customers cannot get. Such as a special purchase package that suits their needs, or an online shop personal assistant, specifically helps take care of all their purchasing needs.

Resellers with high sales levels

For example, if you have an online shop at SIRCLO. Take advantage of the loyalty points feature to make customers feel more special. You can work with individuals, physical stores and showrooms, or other sales channels to expand the sales reach of your online store products.

  1. Revenue Partners

However, make sure you give them a special reward when you bring in lots of buyers and explore other ways so they can increase sales even …

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Valentine’s is getting closer! Valentine’s moment which is celebrated every February 14th can be the right time to give an impressive gift to your partner. Of course you’ve thought about it. It’s a good idea to give an anti-mainstream Valentine’s gift, not chocolate, flowers, or just a romantic arrangement written on pink paper.

Get to know Money Market Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are a place to collect funds which are then transferred as an investment product to instruments in the capital market. With mutual funds, you can get profits in the future for a certain period. The profit in question is the added value of the money invested.

Mutual funds have many types and models, depending on the amount of money invested and the time period that runs. One type of mutual fund that is widely used is the money market mutual fund.

Money Market Mutual Funds are a type …

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Having clear financial goals is an obligation for everyone, even for those of you who are still fresh graduates and have just started working. Clear financial goals will affect how you plan finances, for example, such as measuring the minimum amount of salary you receive during your first job interview. It’s also easy for you to project priority matters into financial planning later. Therefore, here are some financial goals that you should prioritize.

Emergency Fund Allocation

This financial goal is usually forgotten by many people, especially for fresh graduates who have just started working. In addition to daily needs, you also have to allocate income to be put into an emergency fund post. Emergency fund posts are intended for needs that you cannot predict in advance.

At the very least, you should allocate 10% of your total income as an emergency fund. This means, if your salary is large, then …

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