Apparently, partnerships can increase product sales, you know. How come?

If your online store has already been promoted on social media, tried various online store features optimally with pretty good conversion rates, but still want to increase sales? Well, maybe it’s time to establish cooperation or partnership with other parties.

Many online store owners are so busy running their business that they forget to see the potential benefits and importance of partnerships.

Not only to bring in more buyers and increase sales, but also to create positive relationships with other players in the same industry.

Building a partnership is one of the important elements for the long-term success of a business.

Definition and Types of Partnership

Partnership is a marketing tactic that is widely used by big brands because it is cost effective, provides more value for all parties, and is liked by buyers.

Businesses that are developed together …

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Now there are many online businesses competing to make it easier for their consumers to pay for the goods they will or have purchased. Of the many payment methods available, virtual accounts can be a safe, easy and fast alternative.

Virtual Account uses a unique account number that automatically identifies every purchase, bill and transaction that has been paid for by the buyer. This payment method can also minimize human-error, thanks to an automated system.

The more intense online business competition, of course, requires you as an online business to provide the best service to consumers, especially in terms of payment. PermataBank provides a Virtual Account service where each “Incoming transfer” is immediately reconciled automatically. With this service you can also see incoming payments in real-time through the dashboard.

As local products develop, both in terms of quality and quantity, other countries are interest in using them. Of course, …

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Everyone wants to have enough funds to be able to meet all their needs in the future. But it turns out that not everyone has started to plan for future financial needs from an early age, not even a few who don’t have any financial planning at all.

Unless we have unlimited sources of funds or have investments, it is almost impossible to be able to meet all of these future needs without in-depth financial planning.

One of the choices of investment instruments that can be used as an alternative for future funding needs is Mutual Funds. We don’t need to make in-depth observations and analyzes of our investments because there are already professionals on duty to manage our funds.

The choice of investment instruments can also be made based on their financial goals, for example, for pension funds with a very long term, you can invest in equity …

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Are you searching for extra work that you are able to do from house? There are additionally many corporations or people who’re searching for freelancers who’re keen to do sure jobs with out being sure by long-term contracts. You are able to do among the jobs beneath from the consolation of your house.


Taking a aspect job as a translator will likely be very potential so that you can do, particularly if in case you have a sure international language instructional background. You’ll be able to promote this translation service by way of your social media. Aside from that, you may as well seek for a number of out there freelance translator vacancies on job search websites or social media.

Do not forget to ensure prematurely the value vary for translation that’s generally given in Indonesia. This normally differs relying on the kind of language to be translated, together …

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