The Importance of Virtual Accounts for Online Businesses

Now there are many online businesses competing to make it easier for their consumers to pay for the goods they will or have purchased. Of the many payment methods available, virtual accounts can be a safe, easy and fast alternative.

Virtual Account uses a unique account number that automatically identifies every purchase, bill and transaction that has been paid for by the buyer. This payment method can also minimize human-error, thanks to an automated system.

The more intense online business competition, of course, requires you as an online business to provide the best service to consumers, especially in terms of payment. PermataBank provides a Virtual Account service where each “Incoming transfer” is immediately reconciled automatically. With this service you can also see incoming payments in real-time through the dashboard.

As local products develop, both in terms of quality and quantity, other countries are interest in using them. Of course, this can only be realize with parties exporting these products to other countries. This is what makes the export business flooded with many enthusiasts. If you are interest in running this business, you should apply the tips for an export business to run smoothly below:

Understand the Rules Regarding Export Activities

The process of exporting goods has rules that must be obey. Therefore, it is important for you to study the various rules and policies implemented by the government related to this export activity, so that you can carry it out in accordance with applicable regulations.

Become a State Development Partner

By becoming a foster partner of the State, it will be easier for this business to run because it is well assist and facilitated by the State. This will certainly increase your chances of reaching many relationships, both at home and abroad.

Complete All Letters and Permits

Every business must have paperwork and permits. This also applies to the export business. Therefore, it is important for you to take care of and have all the documents and permits needed.

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