Managing Finance for Students

Saving is a good thing to do early on for children so they get used to doing it until they grow up. Not only saving at home using a piggy bank, it’s time for children, especially students, to start saving at the bank. Before starting to save, let’s learn what are the benefits of saving early.

Learn to Manage Your Own Finances

Having your own savings account has a big influence on students to practice managing their finances. By having their own savings account, they are introduced to the responsibility of managing it.


Saving at a bank is of course safer than saving at home using a piggy bank. The security system at the Bank is stronger and can avoid the risk of theft or robbery. In addition, saving at the bank also makes students not easily tempted to take savings.

Introducing the Bank and its Products

Saving and coming to the bank since childhood will make students know how the bank works and what’s in it. They will know how the process of saving and withdrawing money, as well as an outline of the activities carried out in the Bank.

Start saving by choosing iB Student Savings as Savings for students which provides flexibility and flexibility in transactions while at the same time fostering an interest in saving.

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