Goods expenditure is the purchase of goods and services that use up to produce market and non-market goods and services. Shopping for goods, among others, can group into 3 categories of shopping, namely:

  1. Expenditures for the procurement of goods and services.

Expenditures for the procurement of goods that do not meet the capitalization value in the financial statements are categorize into operational expenditures and non-operational expenditures. Expenditures for the procurement of consulting services are not include in the category of services expenditure group.

  1. Maintenance spending.

Maintenance expenditures that are incurre and do not increase and extend the useful life and or are unlikely to provide future economic benefits in the form of capacity, production quality, or improvement of performance standards are still categorize as maintenance expenditures in the financial statements.

  1. Shopping trip.

Travel expenditure borne not for the purpose of acquiring fixed assets is categorize as travel expenditure in the …

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After working for several years, there are certainly some employees who have unwritten hopes of getting a raise, a change in position, or a better position than they are now.

Having a thriving career can indeed motivate work and be a form of self-appreciation after all the effort that has been made.

However, there may be some employees who don’t know how to develop a career. If you are one of them, follow the tips below.

Have a Will to Learn

Wherever you work and your current position, always take advantage of the time to grow at work. Improve the knowledge and skills you have and learn other competencies that are useful for your career development.

Give Opportunity to Grow

Expand your network by building relationships with colleagues, both within your work unit and across work units. Taking the opportunity to be actively involved in cross-functional projects is also an …

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Supplier is a business that many people are in lately. This is inseparable from the large profits obtained and getting buyers who buy products in large quantities. However, it is not uncommon for people who ultimately fail to run a business as a supplier for one reason or another. Therefore, there are several things that need to be implemented so that the business as a supplier can continue to run, have lots of consumers, and of course generate profits. Some of the things in question are:

Production of Own Goods

By producing our own goods, we can find out in detail about these goods, from raw materials to the final product. So, before finally selling, we can see the condition of the product first, whether it is suitable for use or not. If not, don’t let it go because it will only reduce the satisfaction and trust of the …

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Having clear financial goals is an obligation for everyone, even for those of you who are still fresh graduates and have just started working. Clear financial goals will affect how you plan finances, for example, such as measuring the minimum amount of salary you receive during your first job interview. It’s also easy for you to project priority matters into financial planning later. Therefore, here are some financial goals that you should prioritize.

Emergency Fund Allocation

This financial goal is usually forgotten by many people, especially for fresh graduates who have just started working. In addition to daily needs, you also have to allocate income to be put into an emergency fund post. Emergency fund posts are intended for needs that you cannot predict in advance.

At the very least, you should allocate 10% of your total income as an emergency fund. This means, if your salary is large, then …

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