Branding is basically an activity that aims to build and enhance the identity of a brand/brand with a very broad scope, including trade names, logos, characters, and consumer perceptions of the brand. Brand is also a strategy for companies to get and retain consumers.

  1. Easy to Recognize

Having a brand or brand will benefit our business because it is more easily recognized by potential customers. So that it will also be easier for customers to choose because the product is branded, which means that the quality is beyond doubt compared to products that are not branded (not yet known). Having a brand or brand can benefit a business because it makes it look different and easily recognized by the target market.

  1. Distinguish One Product from Another

Whatever the product, the function of branding is to provide a characteristic and be a good marker for a product. With this, the product …

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Marketing strategy is a set of goals and objectives, policies and rules that give direction to marketing efforts from time to time at each level and location.

  1. Promotion

Promotion is an activity that generates information, persuades, or reminds consumers of the benefits of a product. The goals of carrying out promotional activities are:

a) Introducing new products to the public.
b) Extend the maturity of the product.
c) Maintaining the stability of the company from possible competition.
d) Encouraging product sales.

Thus Promotion is one of the determining factors for the success of a marketing program. Regardless of the quality of a product, if consumers have never known or heard of it and are not sure that the product will be useful for them, then they will never buy it.

In carrying out promotions, the nature of fathonah (smart) is needed to influence consumer attractiveness to the company’s products. Fathonah …

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Online shopping is a trend that is increasing from year to year. This is supported by the ease of transactions provided by various platforms.

So, what are the reasons for online shopping now preferred by consumers?

Noted, there are several main reasons for online shopping preferred by consumers, here’s an explanation for you.

  1. Avoiding COVID-19

In fact, in the last few years, online shopping has become a popular shopping trend. However, the existence of the corona virus has made online shopping increase rapidly.

Many of the new consumers experienced online shopping when the pandemic occurred. The reason is strong because if you shop in person the possibility of being exposed to the coronavirus is even greater.

In addition, business people are trying to accommodate consumer concerns by creating online stores. So that consumers’ desire to avoid COVID-19 is supported by business people …

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Talking about good design, we must first look at the context and purpose of the design being made. There are no fixed parameters. If the goal is to be commercial, then the design created must be able to sell or promote an item.

But if for publication purposes, what is called ‘good’, you need to look at how the content is structured, the angle of the talk, the layout, and so on. In fact, sometimes the design at the exhibition emphasizes expressive aspects rather than clear communication because it aims to attract attention.

But in general, every design regardless of the context, must be able to communicate, have views and expressions according to the space.

Work for the benefit of the project

There is a journey that must be passed for in the end a design is created. Especially when working for the benefit of a client’s project, sometimes …

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In the last few months, the term self-love has often been seen on various social and even national media. According to several definitions, self-love is a process or decision taken to please oneself in order to create happiness in human life.

Then, what is the impact and influence of self-love on family financial planning? It is undeniable that one way to apply self-love is by purchasing or consuming goods and services.

So that these expenses don’t only bring happiness but also goodness, I want to link the purpose of the purchase with the motivation behind it. There are 3 things that generally underlie purchasing decisions in the family.

First, buy because of a dream. There are times when a family dreams of having a certain brand of vehicle or going to a certain exotic vacation destination. Thus, I suggest that this dream include in a financial plan and the strategy …

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