Talking about good design, we must first look at the context and purpose of the design being made. There are no fixed parameters. If the goal is to be commercial, then the design created must be able to sell or promote an item.

But if for publication purposes, what is called ‘good’, you need to look at how the content is structured, the angle of the talk, the layout, and so on. In fact, sometimes the design at the exhibition emphasizes expressive aspects rather than clear communication because it aims to attract attention.

But in general, every design regardless of the context, must be able to communicate, have views and expressions according to the space.

Work for the benefit of the project

There is a journey that must be passed for in the end a design is created. Especially when working for the benefit of a client’s project, sometimes the trip must be completed in a short time due to time constraints, or even longer due to intervention from a number of parties.

Sometimes, it’s not easy to express design and idealism when working with clients. But that’s where you have to pour professionalism, because after all, one of the goals of design is to create problem solving from existing problems.

Stay mindful in carrying out work

In essence, work and pleasure should ideally go hand in hand. By trying to divide the portion of work between the client’s projects and their own projects equally, or 50% each. The goal is to balance.

If the client’s project cannot be expressed optimally, then it is through this internal project that the exploration of ideas and ideals as a designer can be poured and expressed totally. In this way, you will feel able to stay mindful in carrying out your work and daily activities.

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