Build the Initial Foundation of the Company

To build a company, make sure you know which parties you can work with so that the company can develop properly in the future. You can start making a list of companies, institutions, organizations, or communities working in fields related to your business.

Next, map out the stakeholders in each of these parties, as well as the forms of cooperation that your company can carry out with them. For example, if your business is engaged in the media sector, you can apply for collaborations with alliances of journalists, other media companies, independent media institutions, student organizations, and so on.

The last step that starts you building a company is everything related to financial management to loans, such as bank guarantees. The Bank has helped many business owners on a large scale to develop their business even better through the provided Bank Guarantee.

For those of you who want to expand your business even further, selling products abroad can be an option. If you’ve been doing business with local products, attracting foreign consumers can be an interesting and profitable business challenge. Local products that are rarely or even not found in other countries will be unique for foreign consumers.

The following are some initial steps to start an export business:

Set the mainstay products to sell to increase sales
Determine the appropriate export destination country for the product.
Build a website as an online store or catalog in the language of the destination country.
Have free product samples available to serious buyers to build trust.
Prepare important export business documents such as offer sheet documents for importers

The cost of the export business is indeed not economical, so another solution is need to finance the export business. The bank always understands the aspirations of the export business for the local products that you produce, so the Pre-Shipment Financing product is present. Short-term financing products help you as an exporter to meet various export business needs, while managing the smooth flow of your cash flow during the process of preparing for delivery of goods or completing services.

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