Planning to open your own online business? The rapid development of the digital world makes online business even more promising. Especially with easy access, this business model can be done anywhere and anytime.

Even so, that doesn’t mean you don’t need a plan when you’re going to start your own online business. However, online business is still a business that requires careful planning to get multiple profits. To help you plan, here are some things to pay attention to when you first open an online business.

Design a Detailed Business Model

The first thing to pay attention to before opening an online business is the business model that will be run. When starting a business, you certainly have an idea of what the business will be like. Clarify the picture, add important details. The more detailed the description of your business capital, the better the results will be.

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In today’s modern era, all payments can be made easily without using cash or usually referred to as cashless. One of them that is often used is the use of a credit card. A credit card can be interpreted as a means of payment used to carry out financial transactions that are the responsibility of the bank.

In short, you pay for groceries using the bank’s money first and then you have to pay for it when it’s due. Many use credit cards because using credit cards is more practical and has many attractive offers than using cash.

But with a credit card, it’s not uncommon for many to use it continuously and have a lot of debt. You really need to pay attention to how to use a credit card wisely so that this doesn’t happen. In addition, when you apply for a credit card, you must choose a … Read more “Here’s How to Choose the Right Credit Card”

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During this pandemic, credit cards are much sought after by the public. Apart from being easy to activate, it turns out that there are also attractive offers such as discounts, points, installments, free annual card fees to its role as an emergency fund. So, it’s no wonder that young people today can easily apply for a credit card, which has many benefits.

How to use? How do I apply for a credit card? There must be a lot of random questions like this. Instead of wondering, you can find out first and understand what a credit card is. Watch this article till the end to find out the information.

What is a Credit Card?

In general, a credit card is a means of payment in lieu of cash in the form of a card issued by a bank to make it easier for its customers to make transactions. In contrast … Read more “Credit Card Options for Young People”

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Not a few people were found who canceled their intention to open a business because they were constrained by not having venture capital. In fact, not all businesses require large capital. If traced, many small capital businesses that can be initiated.

If you work on one type of small capital business and do it well, then this small capital business can be a field of money for you. There are several small capital businesses that require special skills to run, but don’t worry, there are also small capital businesses that everyone can run.

The most important capital for running this small capital business is intention and ideas. So, if you have creative intentions and ideas, the business you are running will go well. So, what are the small capital businesses that can be started for novice businessmen? Check out the explanation of the small capital business idea below.

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A marketing strategy is needed to promote your small capital business. The business opportunity strategy for selling with an online system is so large that you have to take advantage of the internet to promote the products you sell. There are several ways you can do your sales marketing strategy, namely as follows.

Social media

As we know that everyone must have social media from various backgrounds. So do not be surprised if social media is one of the lands that you can use to sell.


In this modern era, there are also various kinds of marketplaces that are used for selling land. You can take advantage of this marketplace to open your dropship online shop.

Hold a Giveaway

This method is often used in selling and can be said to be quite effective in capturing the hearts of consumers. The strategy that can be done in this giveaway … Read more “How to Promote Business”

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