Turn a Hobby into a Business, How?

2021 has been a pretty tough time for many people. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many plans to be postponed and even cancelled. Not a few also lost their jobs due to the economic crisis that hit. As a result, like it or not they have to rack their brains in order to survive. Considering that job vacancies have decreased drastically due to the pandemic, building a new business has finally become an option. Approaching the new year, a new business can be a fresh start for you.

The challenge reappeared. It cannot be denied that building a business is not an easy thing to do. The question is, what kind of new business should you pursue in order to achieve this target?

Hobby Becomes Business, Why Not?

Indeed, there are many things that you can inspire to start building a new business. If you are still confused, why not start with a hobby or personal pleasure?

Starting a business is quite a challenge. However, at least if the business comes from a hobby, you can tend to run it more easily because it starts from personal pleasure. In short, you already have a strong enough passion in the business field.

Even so, that does not mean you will not encounter obstacles in the middle of the road. Most likely it will still appear. However, because the business you run is in accordance with your talents and passion, you will have more encouragement, motivation, and concern to face various kinds of business challenges in the future.

Examples of Hobbies That Can Be Businesses

So, what hobbies are you currently pursuing and can you develop them into new business opportunities? In today’s digital era, this should be realized relatively quickly than—for example—ten years ago. Here are some examples of hobbies you can turn into a business:

Content Writer

For those who like to write, now is the right time for you to commercialize this hobby. Currently, many companies require content writing services as a form of their promotion. What kind of content are they looking for? The types are quite diverse, ranging from article content for blogs or websites to in the form of captions for brands’ social media accounts.

To pursue this one business, you need to prepare a portfolio containing a collection of the best writings so that potential clients can assess whether your writing meets their needs.

Catering Services or Food Stalls

As one of the basic needs, food will always be sought after by consumers. So, as long as a food tastes delicious and is hygienic, the chances of it selling are relatively high. So, if you like to cook and are confident enough with the results of your cooking, there’s nothing wrong with building a food stall or catering service.

So that the new business can spread more quickly, you can register it with the delivery service on the online motorcycle taxi application. Don’t forget to promote it through social media. Instagram can be one of the right platforms because you can easily upload photos of food results.

Open Children’s Tutoring Services

Not only adults, children are also affected by the pandemic. From those who originally came to school every day, now they have to undergo learning and teaching activities online. As a result, parents also double as “teachers” so that children understand the subject matter presented. The problem is, some parents still have to work every day.

This is where you can offer a tutoring business for children, suitable for those of you who have a passion for education. This new venture can provide a solution to two problems at once: helping children learn and lightening the burden on their parents.

What If Funds Become a Constraint?

In order for a new business to run, minimal capital is needed. For example, for those who want to open a food stall, you need funds to buy food ingredients as well as chairs and tables. It’s different from you prospective content writers who need a laptop and adequate internet connection.

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