Online shopping is a trend that is increasing from year to year. This is supported by the ease of transactions provided by various platforms.

So, what are the reasons for online shopping now preferred by consumers?

Noted, there are several main reasons for online shopping preferred by consumers, here’s an explanation for you.

  1. Avoiding COVID-19

In fact, in the last few years, online shopping has become a popular shopping trend. However, the existence of the corona virus has made online shopping increase rapidly.

Many of the new consumers experienced online shopping when the pandemic occurred. The reason is strong because if you shop in person the possibility of being exposed to the coronavirus is even greater.

In addition, business people are trying to accommodate consumer concerns by creating online stores. So that consumers’ desire to avoid COVID-19 is supported by business people …

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Cashless living makes life even more wasteful? It could be yes, if you don’t have good financial management. With the development of financial technology, of course the method of management cannot be the same as in the past, which still used an envelope system.

Important note, if you don’t start planning now, your financial health could get worse. Then, what is the wise way to live life in the era of a cashless society?

Living in the digital era as it is today has also changed people’s lifestyles in terms of managing their finances. A cashless society is a term known as a society that conducts financial transactions using a non-cash method.

In Indonesia, the Bank has started campaigning for a non-cash national movement since August 2014. Until 2018, non-cash users also increased and even grew by more than 60% over the past year.

Without cash, payment transactions take place …

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Valentine’s is getting closer! Valentine’s moment which is celebrated every February 14th can be the right time to give an impressive gift to your partner. Of course you’ve thought about it. It’s a good idea to give an anti-mainstream Valentine’s gift, not chocolate, flowers, or just a romantic arrangement written on pink paper.

You can choose and give unique gifts, which of course will make your partner always remember you. If your partner is happy, this will make your relationship even happier. Here are three anti-mainstream Valentine gifts for your partner.

Holiday Package Gift

Who doesn’t like being invited on vacation? Everyone likes to go on vacation, especially to places they have never been before. You can give your partner a holiday package gift, which of course you both will enjoy later. You don’t have to go abroad, you can explore vast domestic areas with your partner.

If you have …

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The rules for staying and doing activities in the house are not a barrier for you in making transactions, one of which is paying bills. It is crucial for everyone to be able to pay off bills on time before they are due. However, of course, this transaction must also be safe.

It turns out, paying bills from home is not a difficult matter. In fact, paying #dirumahaja bills tends to be more practical and safe. The following are safe ways that can make it easier for you to pay bills while you are #dirumahaja.

Record All Bills

Keep a record of all bills that must be paid every month, be it installments, credit card bills, cell phones, and so on. Recording all bills can also help you control expenses. By looking at the size of the bill that must pay, you will also be more careful in spending …

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clothing stores near meDo you could have a fetish for partaking lactating ladies? Tip #1: Plan forward. Do not wait until the last-minute to purchase garments. The issue happens when a girl waits till two weeks sooner than her event to go purchase a robe or go well with. At this stage she has no different nonetheless to spend whatever the retailer value is asking for on the time, which can be very successfully past her finances. Because of this truth the recent button is to start out out looking for the best garment as quickly as you obtain the invitation to that wedding ceremony, social gathering and lots of others. The good thing about trying prematurely is that you may look out for product sales.

Zuckerberg’s capability to remake the world in his private image, in his personal lifetime, is unprecedented. Andrew Carnegie opened his first library when he was sixty eight, …

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