Reasons for Online Shopping Preferred by Consumers 1

Reasons Online shopping is a trend that is increasing from year to year. This is supported by the ease of transactions provided by various platforms.

Plus, the pandemic conditions have made many people more comfortable shopping from home. For some people who are trying it for the first time, of course this is an attractive and efficient shopping method.

At a time when many offline stores are closed and activities outside the home are limited, the role of online shopping sites is very helpful. In the end, this shopping trend becomes a new habit.

This is because the general public is quite comfortable with the online shopping system. According to Sirclo data, as much as 17.5% of people have switched from offline shopping to online shopping.

The increase in customers shopping online is also quite large. From the beginning which was only 11%, it increased to 25% in 2021.

According to Semrush data, this shift in shopping behavior was also influenced by the development of e-commerce and the closure of physical stores during the pandemic.

So, what are the reasons for online shopping now preferred by consumers?

Noted, there are several main reasons for online shopping preferred by consumers, here’s an explanation for you.

  1. No Need to Leave the House

The reason for online shopping is preferred, the first is that you don’t have to bother coming to a physical store in person.

Consumers just need to open their cellphones and select the shopping medium according to their choice. From the process of selecting goods until the goods arrive at the location, consumers just wait without having to go pick them up.

Shopping from home is a safe step to minimize exposure to COVID-19. By staying at home with a mobile phone, consumers can buy goods, pay using m-banking, choose goods delivery services, and all the conveniences of online shopping can be obtained without traveling.

  1. Lots of Promos

The reason for online shopping is also one of the attractions that makes many people shop online.

Promotions offered by marketplaces, websites or other platforms can make many people tempted. There are various types of promotions. There are discounts, voucher codes, cashback, and more.

Especially for certain events such as Harbolnas, this momentum is widely used by consumers to hunt for goods with various types of attractive promos.

Presumably, promotions make consumers’ eyes even wilder looking for the desired item. So that the attractiveness of promotions is still the top reason for consumers shopping online.

  1. Avoiding COVID-19

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