Here’s How to Pay Bills Safely While at Home

The rules for staying and doing activities in the house are not a barrier for you in making transactions, one of which is paying bills. It is crucial for everyone to be able to pay off bills on time before they are due. However, of course, this transaction must also be safe.

It turns out, paying bills from home is not a difficult matter. In fact, paying #dirumahaja bills tends to be more practical and safe. The following are safe ways that can make it easier for you to pay bills while you are #dirumahaja.

Record All Bills

Keep a record of all bills that must be paid every month, be it installments, credit card bills, cell phones, and so on. Recording all bills can also help you control expenses. By looking at the size of the bill that must pay, you will also be more careful in spending money on other expenses or maybe creating new bills.

Set Income

Make sure you have set aside enough portion of your income to pay all bills. Don’t get so engrosse in shopping that you have no money left to pay the bills. This will have an impact on fines or even other penalties that are bigger.

Make Sure It’s Not Too Late

When the bill is still not pay after it is due, you will fine. What’s more, the credit rating (credit score) will also decrease. Of course, this will actually harm you. It’s a good idea to set a reminder on your smartphone or mark the due date for each bill. Through these methods, you have a reminder to pay bills soon.

Pay All in One Day

Of the many current bills, you may overwhelmed to remember or record all due dates. Moreover, not all of them are due on the same day. If possible, it’s best to set a single date for paying the entire bill. Of course this date must be before the earliest due date. This way, you don’t have to remember every due date.

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