The Importance of Financially Independent Women 1

Becoming financially independent is not only an obligation that only men bear. Basically, all people regardless of group and even gender must be able to be financially independent. Unfortunately, the concept of an independent woman is often misunderstood. In the article that will be discussed here, you will understand how an independent woman is seen from her financial condition.

Without you realizing it, a person’s financial condition will affect many aspects of his life. Some of them are strong reasons why women being financially independent are important things that must be achieved by all women.

Financially Independent

When a woman is financially independent, that is, she can earn money and manage her own finances, this means giving the woman the power to make decisions. Decisions that are of course crucial and affect your life, without depending on other financial sources.

This context is different when applied to married and unmarried women. For married women, being financially independent means making your income a ‘backup lifeboat’ which can be of significant assistance when the family experiences an unwanted disaster and can ease the husband’s financial burden.

Meanwhile for unmarried women, being financially independent gives you the same power to use for yourself, by not completely depending on others, including your parents. Allows you to carry out the plans you want to carry out, whether it’s pursuing a higher career or getting further education with the financial capabilities you have.


An independent woman will clearly be a figure who can be relied on materially as well as reliable in her views and decisions. You have the power to decide many things in your life with a more stable financial condition.

Even ‘reliable’ here doesn’t only apply to other people to you, but also applies to yourself. When you need to make big decisions in life, such as resigning and moving jobs or wanting to take further education, you will not be too bothered by financial problems. So, you can weigh other factors more carefully and come up with a more mature and correct decision.

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