To carry out marketing, it is necessary to take the right steps so that later the marketing strategy will hit the target. The forms and steps of the strategy in this theory are market segmentation, market targeting, and positioning. Which can describe as below:

Implementation of the marketing strategy through the following steps:

a. Market segmentation

Market segmentation is the act of dividing a market into distinct groups of buyers with different needs, characteristics or behaviors who may require separate products or marketing mixes.

b. Target market setting

Market targeting is the process of evaluating the attractiveness of each market segmentation and selecting one or more segments to serve, market targeting consists of devising strategies to build the right relationships with the right customers, or a large company may decide to offer a variety of products. complete in serving all of its market segments, most companies enter new markets by serving a single segment.

c. Market differentiation and positioning

The company must decide how to differentiate its market offering for each target segment and what position it wants to occupy in that segment, product position is the place that the product occupies relative to its competitors in the minds of consumers, marketers want to develop a unique market position for their product. if a product is considered to be exactly the same as other products on the market, consumers have no reason to buy it.

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