Benefits of Marketing Strategy

Here are some of the benefits of the intermediate marketing strategy
others are:

  1. can assist companies in developing better marketing strategies by using a much more systematic, rational, logical, rational approach to strategic choices.
  2. marketing strategy is a process and the main purpose of a process is to achieve understanding and commitment from all parties managers and employees.
  3. A process of empowering individuals: Empowerment is an activity in strengthening employees’ understanding of effectiveness by encouraging and rewarding them employees to be able to participate in making initiatives and imaginative decisions and exercises.
  4. Raising awareness of external threats.
  5. Marketing strategy can provide a better understanding of the strategy of competitors.
  6. can increase productivity in the company, and
  7. Makes it possible to identify, determine priorities, and exploit existing opportunities. And companies must have the courage to carry out and implement marketing strategies like this in order to improve and expand marketing reach and automatically increase sales volume.

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