Sales is the main objective of the company’s activities. In producing goods or services, the ultimate goal is to sell these goods or services to the community. Therefore sales play an important role for the company so that the products produced by the company can be sold and provide income for the company.

Sales made by the company aim to sell goods or services needed as a source of income to cover all costs in order to make a profit. Sales activity is an activity that must carries out by the company by marketing its products either in the form of goods or services. Its carried out by the company aim to achieve the expected and profitable sales volume to achieve maximum profit for the company.

Sales volume is the total amount generate from the sale of goods. The greater the number of sales a company generates, the greater the likely profit the company generates. Therefore, sales volume is one of the important things that must evaluate for the possibility of a company not to lose. So profitable sales volume should be the main goal of the company and not for the sake of sales volume itself.

There are several statements of sales volume quote from Philip Kotler, namely:

1) Achieve sales volume
2) Get profit
3) Support the company’s growth

From the definition above, it can conclude that sales volume is total sales assess by unit by the company in a certain period to achieve maximum profit so that it can support the company’s growth.

Their goal is to sell what they make, not make what the market wants. However, marketing based on aggressive selling carries high risks. He assum that consumers who were persuad to buy a product would like it, and if they didn’t like it, they would not return it or badmouth it and complain to other consumers, or perhaps even buy it again.

So, from all the definitions above, the author also draws the conclusion that sales volume is the total amount resulting from sales of goods and sales volume is an important thing that must consider and evaluated so that SUS’s Company does not suffer losses, so an increase in sales volume will really need attention. because it will affect the increase in profits of SUS Company itself.

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