Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Partner 2

Valentine’s is getting closer! Valentine’s moment which is celebrated every February 14th can be the right time to give an impressive gift to your partner. Of course you’ve thought about it. It’s a good idea to give an anti-mainstream Valentine’s gift, not chocolate, flowers, or just a romantic arrangement written on pink paper.

Get to know Money Market Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are a place to collect funds which are then transferred as an investment product to instruments in the capital market. With mutual funds, you can get profits in the future for a certain period. The profit in question is the added value of the money invested.

Mutual funds have many types and models, depending on the amount of money invested and the time period that runs. One type of mutual fund that is widely used is the money market mutual fund.

Money Market Mutual Funds are a type of mutual fund where money from investors is used for investment activities in money market instruments, for example bonds with maturities of less than a year, bank certificates and time deposits.

Why Money Market Mutual Funds

Money Market Mutual Funds are a type of mutual fund that is suitable for those of you who are just interested in investing. Why is that? Money Market Mutual Funds are currently an instrument in investment activities that have proven to be stable amidst the turbulent world economy. Money Market Mutual Funds are very suitable for beginners, because they have a short term period, and generate profits quickly, although not as much as stock investments.

Some of the advantages of Money Market Mutual Funds include being able to start with a nominal value of IDR 100 thousand, flexibility, and higher profits than bank deposit rates. In addition, giving a Valentine’s gift in the form of a Money Market Mutual Fund will be more impressive because it shows your seriousness towards your partner.

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