Do you know how to calculate shipping costs?

Several businesses, both online and offline, provide shop couriers for delivery matters. A shop courier is certainly different from a partnership with a courier service.

The reason is, if you partner with an expedition service, you don’t have to bother calculating shipping costs. On the other hand, providing an internal courier requires you to know how to calculate shipping costs based on distance.

wine is only one of several factors that determine the amount of shipping costs. Knowing how to calculate shipping costs is also important for estimating shipping costs from expedition services.

If you sell goods in e-commerce, of course the shipping costs are calculated automatically. However, what if you sell on WhatsApp or other social media which makes you have to deliver packages to the expedition manually?

Calculating shipping costs accurately is very important. Especially for those of you who charge shipping costs to buyers. So, how do you calculate shipping costs based on distance and weight?

Determining Factors and How to Calculate Shipping Costs

How shipping costs are calculated is determined by several factors, such as distance, item weight, shipping method, and other additional costs. Here’s an explanation for you!

  1. Delivery Distance

The first determinant of shipping costs is the distance from the sender to the recipient’s location. The determination of shipping costs based on this distance has been calculated automatically in e-commerce and in the shipping system itself.

To find out the exact number, you can check it directly on the shipping service site or other sites that provide a postage calculation feature. However, if you want to adapt the distance calculation for your own courier fare.

  1. Weight of goods

The determining factor for how to calculate the next shipping fee is the weight of the item. If you sell on e-commerce, of course you are asked to enter the weight of the item in the product details. The goal is to facilitate expeditionary services in determining the postage.

Likewise, if you deliver the package directly to the expedition office, your package will usually be weigh first. Usually, the package tolerance limit is 300grams. That is, if your package weighs 1.3 kg, it will only cost 1 kg.

  1. Shipping Method

The shipping method can certainly affect the postage costs. Package delivery can done by land, sea, air or intermodal routes. Each mode of transportation certainly has advantages and disadvantages that affect postage.

Shipping by air and by sea is usually more expensive than shipping by land. In addition to the mode of transportation, the type of delivery service also determines the cost of postage.

Some expeditions divide the type of delivery into regular, express or express, and instant or one day delivery. The faster the estimated delivery, the more expensive it will be.

You can also adapt this concept in your shop courier. You can provide instant or regular shipping options to buyers. You can benefit more from this service.

  1. Other Additional Fees

Another factor that determines the cost of delivery is other additional costs. These additional costs are usually related to the packaging of the goods.

If you sell on e-commerce, you can include additional costs for packing boxes or bubble wrap. Likewise, if you use an internal courier, additional packaging costs can also applied.

Of course you can determine the amount of costs yourself based on the type of packaging and product size. For example, you can provide wooden packing options if you sell electronic products or breakable goods.

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