Strategy for Determining Shipping Costs

According to experts, logistics itself refers to the overall process of resource management. Including storage until transported to the destination location.

This series of processes is certainly part of the postage cost calculations. Now, after knowing how to calculate shipping costs, here’s the implementation strategy for you!

  1. Compare With Competitors

If you use an internal courier, the first step you need to take is to compare your postage with competitors. Buyers will certainly choose a store with lower shipping costs. So, it would be better if your shipping costs are not more expensive than competitors!

In addition, if you use an expeditionary service, then choose an expeditionary service with the cheapest and most quality shipping costs.

Basically, all major forwarding services guarantee protection for the packages sent, so find the cheapest and fastest expedition.

  1. Consider Postage Discounts

The next step is to provide shipping discounts or even free shipping! This method can be used to attract the attention of buyers. The reason is, Indonesian consumers are so tempted by the free shipping promo.

You can provide discounts or free shipping for a certain minimum purchase. You can also provide free shipping for buyers who make the first transaction at your store, or loyal customers.

  1. Map Buyer Locations

If your business has served many transactions, you can try to map the location of the buyer. Know how many buyers come from within the city, from outside the city, outside the island, or from other countries.

By mapping the location of the buyer, you can determine the most appropriate service and delivery method for the customer. Calculation of shipping costs can also be more accurate.

So, that’s an explanation of how to calculate shipping costs that you can try. Come on, determine the best expedition for your shop!

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