If you’re not careful, your lifestyle spending items could suddenly increase! If this is also bothering your finances, then the following tips can be used.

Sort the use of non-cash facilities according to the monthly budget.

I recommend using a debit card as a payment transaction tool for various routine expenses such as monthly shopping, daily food purchases, gas refueling, and others. Allocate income according to the monthly budget after payday in a separate account that is intended for routine expenditure items. Meanwhile, monthly bill payments can use transfer assistance from mobile banking.
In simple terms, divide income for 3 things, namely 50% living routine (Living), 30% saving and investment (Saving), and 20% playing (Playing). If you rarely cook at home, it means that the expenses for ordering food will go to the Living post. Meanwhile, additional snacks will go to the Playing post.

Using e-wallets for lifestyle transactions.

Set the allocation of e-wallets only to fulfill secondary transactions such as snacks, movies, and others. Regardless of the amount of the promo, you also have to be disciplined to only top up your e-wallet balance at the beginning of the month. So, we are free to use our wallet balance as long as the funds are still there.
Understand the forms of promos, namely direct discounts, cash-back money, cash-back in the form of points, and exchange points. The most fun, of course, is the direct discount or cash-back, because it means you are really saving.

It’s not easy to be tempted to repay a lifestyle

Online loans that are widely offered on various online shopping platforms make life easier. The problem will arise if you are not wise enough to take out a loan. Self-control is the biggest challenge that must be overcome. If you still have a mortgage loan, then the maximum limit for online loans is only 10% of monthly income. If you don’t have a monthly income, I don’t recommend taking this type of loan.

Use excess funds for savings

Promos are for saving, not for making shopping out of control. Therefore, every time you get more funds from a promo, immediately buy investment products from the remaining funds.

Live a Beautiful Life!

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