The Importance of Having Financial Goals for Fresh Graduates

Having clear financial goals is an obligation for everyone, even for those of you who are still fresh graduates and have just started working. Clear financial goals will affect how you plan finances, for example, such as measuring the minimum amount of salary you receive during your first job interview. It’s also easy for you to project priority matters into financial planning later. Therefore, here are some financial goals that you should prioritize.

Allocation of Funds to Buy a House

Having your own home is not a matter of style at a young age. Home is a primary need that you can also prepare from a young age, moreover, housing prices are also not cheap. You obviously need quite a long time to finally collect all the costs. Besides being intended as a place to live, owning a house is also part of an important financial goal because a house can be a valuable asset for investment.

You can consider a minimalist house type 21 or type 36 as a residential choice, considering that the price of each unit is also more affordable. Don’t forget to make careful observations regarding the housing to be purchased. Find one that fits your needs. Check the location, building materials, facilities, as well as the price and payment scheme so you can prepare a budget.

Insurance Allocation

Having insurance is also sometimes not made a priority by many people, especially for those who are still young who think that they will not get sick easily. In fact, having insurance is one of the important financial self-protection steps. There are many types of insurance that you can choose from, but you can prioritize life insurance and health insurance.

You need to know that life insurance and health insurance are different. Life insurance is a guarantee that will cover losses when the customer dies, while health insurance is used when the customer is sick or has an accident. The premium amount also depends on the insurance company you use. Not a few reliable insurance has affordable premium fees.

Insurance must be included in your financial planning after graduating from college because you must already be responsible for yourself at this time. If your health is disturbed, then your work will also be disrupted. It’s not impossible if later it will affect your income too. Not to mention the effect it has on the family due to the need for care and recovery.

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