How to Increase Sales Through Partnerships

Let’s see what can be done to increase online store sales through partnerships:

Partners who can provide these benefits may come from:

VIP customer

VIP customers are loyal customers who often buy in large quantities.

Usually these customers expect special treatment that ordinary customers cannot get. Such as a special purchase package that suits their needs, or an online shop personal assistant, specifically helps take care of all their purchasing needs.

Resellers with high sales levels

For example, if you have an online shop at SIRCLO. Take advantage of the loyalty points feature to make customers feel more special. You can work with individuals, physical stores and showrooms, or other sales channels to expand the sales reach of your online store products.

  1. Revenue Partners

However, make sure you give them a special reward when you bring in lots of buyers and explore other ways so they can increase sales even higher. If you really want to make them partners, try starting to build special plans to start collaborating, such as making special purchase packages or bigger discounts.

  1. Alliance

With alliances, you and your partners can collaborate and exchange value, as well as build and share many marketing benefits intelligently.

For that you can create a group or join other groups to make promotions or sales activities together.

As an example:

Online clothing stores can collaborate with other online stores that sell accessories, bags or shoes to create special fashion packages.
Online cosmetic stores can collaborate with make-up artists or hairdressers to provide special make-over offers for buyers.
Look for a business group or community whose members are actively carrying out joint activities.

Take a direct approach to certain businesses whose products or services can be collaborated with the products your online store sells.

  1. Promotion and Public Relations

This partnership allows you to take advantage of added value by customizing your marketing activities to suit other businesses. One thing you have to remember is that money is not the only medium of exchange.

You can increase sales by doing simple things. Offer products or services for free as an easy and smart way to take advantage of and negotiate publicity in promotional media or local events.

As an example:

Your online shop can work with online transportation service providers to provide free shipping for every buyer who makes transactions through certain services.
Negotiate with local event organizers to participate by giving away a number of products for free, in return for your online store name being display on a banner or given a special stand to open a pop up store.

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