The “safe bubble” point above is a tremendous example of this! Even when holiday cheer is being forced upon us, we have the right to say no. We have the right to have needs that we communicate.

We have the right to get curious about the most sustainable ways for us to spend our time throughout this season.

Again, our loved ones may require being taught (whether indirectly through modeling or directly through communicated rules/beliefs/norms) to respect our boundaries. 

Therapeutic Tool 4. Find An Ally Within Your Holiday Communities 

Whether you spend time with your family of origin, your chosen family, or both, being in a larger group can oftentimes feel overwhelming.

It’s not always the case that we feel fully safe with every person involved in any given party or dinner dynamics, and that’s also okay.

Choose one closely pre-appointed ally who will also be present in that situation …

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Thanks to the existence of smartphones and internet networks, now everyone can buy various necessities online. Especially considering that there have been various activity restrictions during the pandemic, more and more people are hesitant to go shopping outside the home. Luckily, there are shopping alternatives to meet your daily needs without having to move from the couch at home.

Online shopping is a shopping method that has been very popular with the people of Indonesia in recent years. How not, online shopping has many benefits that are not found when shopping in shopping centers. Check out the following 4 benefits of online shopping from home.

More comfortable

Shopping for daily necessities or desired items is now easier to do online. You no longer need to get out of the house or take the time to just go to the shopping center. Only by typing the product or brand you …

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