In the last few months, the term self-love has often been seen on various social and even national media. According to several definitions, self-love is a process or decision taken to please oneself in order to create happiness in human life.

Then, what is the impact and influence of self-love on family financial planning? It is undeniable that one way to apply self-love is by purchasing or consuming goods and services.

Next, after determining the motivation behind spending on self-love that will be carried out, then you can take steps to set a budget for spending self-love like this.

Determine the necessary self-love expenses.

There are 3 things that can allocate for budgeting self-love. Me time is like watching your favorite Korean drama, buying a book, or just traveling. It could also be shopping time to your favorite boutique or online shopping. Finally, pampering time, such as buying skincare, going …

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