Branding is basically an activity that aims to build and enhance the identity of a brand/brand with a very broad scope, including trade names, logos, characters, and consumer perceptions of the brand. Brand is also a strategy for companies to get and retain consumers.

The term “brand” from which branding is based was first used activity by 19th-century British as a form of marking livestock and slaves by imprinting hot irons on their bodies. Until finally the word “brand” is popularly use by Germans with the same meaning.

In its development until now, branding is still an important thing that is widely use as a modern marketing strategy by entrepreneurs. This phenomenon can see from the many types of commodities that are sale using brands.

Definition of Branding According to Experts

  1. Kotler and Armstrong (1997)
    The definition according to them is the seller’s promise to deliver a consistent set of
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