Big Day Make Your Wallet Broken? This is the trick to prevent it!

Many people often complain that their wallets are broken due to very large expenses during the holidays. This was mainly caused by unexpected expenses that exceeded the allocation of emergency funds or even had no allocation of funds at all from the start. It’s no wonder that after Lebaran, there are even more bills that need to be paid off later.

Another cause that also often occurs is discipline in carrying out budget commitments. So that what happens then actually disrupts your financial condition because in the following months you have to pay bills while making ends meet. To prevent this from happening, here’s a trick to prevent it.

Make a Big Day Expenditure Plan

So that you know how much you expect to spend during the holidays, don’t forget to make a detailed special spending plan. Consider all the necessities that you will actually need later. If you plan to give gifts, give charity, or something else, make sure you have recorded and also determined the allocation of funds for each type of need. A priority scale is also needed to determine which expenses are the most important so that they can be postponed.

Don’t forget to set aside a reserve fund. We never know when an emergency will come. There’s nothing wrong with being prepared right?

Take advantage of E-Commerce

E-commerce platforms can make it easier for you to shop with a wide selection of stores and products to choose from. Take your time to compare the quality and price of products from one store to another. You can also look for product substitution options to make it more economical.

Don’t Hungry Eyes

Self-control is one of the keys to preventing broken wallet problems on Hari Raya. When holding money, especially if THR has been transferred, entering an e-commerce platform often makes you hungry. Do not let you end up buying things that are not really needed at that time. Especially items that are not in the spending plan that you have previously made.

Try to be more disciplined and remind yourself of the basic differences between wants and needs. As soon as there is this desire, immediately reopen your holiday spending plan. Also remember that you still need funds for other things after Lebaran.

Take advantage of the Big Day Promo

Almost all e-commerce platforms offer various promos in the context of Ramadan and Eid. If you are observant, you can take advantage of these promos to save even more. For example flash sales of items you want to buy, free shipping promos, or discounts for using certain bank cards.