How To Achieve Financial Freedom 2

Financial freedom itself can be interpreted as a person’s financial condition that is sufficient to finance his main needs and lifestyle. This financial freedom is usually marked by a fairly high position at work, or having assets or investments that are other sources of income so that you no longer need to depend too much on your main job.

Pay Off All Debt

Pay off all debts you have, including installments. It’s time to clean up, you should avoid spending in installments again, especially shopping for non-urgent necessities. Make “paying off all debt” your priority to achieve financial freedom. Once you are free with debt. You can focus more on achieving your financial goals because there are no more burdensome debt barriers.

Minimalist Lifestyle

You can also start implementing a minimalist lifestyle, namely by going against your own culture and consumptive habits. Start with where you live. You can fill your home with items that are only needed for everyday life.

When there is a desire to buy certain goods or use certain services, evaluate again whether this is really needed. Ask yourself again whether you should buy it now or it can be postponed. Find out if there are other alternative options that can provide the same function without having to pay too much.

For example, when you are going to buy a new laptop, check whether the old laptop really cannot be used for work. If you really have to replace it with a new one, do you need to buy a premium laptop just because of the brand? If there are other laptops with similar specifications but cheaper prices, there’s nothing wrong with buying something that is function-oriented, not a brand.