In this digital era, all the things you want can be obtained very easily. Various platforms and marketplaces thrive in their respective markets. The practical and hassle-free life of millennials makes the presence of internet-based facilities sell well, so it’s not uncommon for new players to take part in this cycle, including from abroad.

Not only getting the things you need and want, the presence of a technology-based platform also facilitates many of the activities that young people usually do. For example, buying movie tickets, iced coffee milk, and even buying food can be done online. In fact, you can even fill up fuel for vehicles using virtual payments. Sophisticated, right?

Unfortunately, the various conveniences that exist actually make the life of millennials more consumptive. Not infrequently young people work hard with the main goal of fulfilling their practical lifestyle needs. This causes many millennials to be wasteful in spending their money. Here are frugal but still current tips.

Prioritize Needs

You need to distinguish between needs and wants. If you don’t have a lot of funds, prioritize the goods and products you really need, not what you want. This is important, because many millennials spend their money to buy things that do not have a vital function to support their daily activities.

If you still have a profit deficit after spending your money on things you need, you may use it to fulfill your lifestyle as a young person. There’s nothing wrong with paying attention to the current lifestyle, but you also have to think about your daily activities that cost money.

Budget Everything

Having a budget at the beginning of the month is a wise choice to save your finances. You can create a financial outline that lists the items that need to be purchas in a month, and compares them to your income. Make sure your monthly salary is enough to cover everything. If you still have some left over, you can use it for your fancy coffee needs, or even buy things to update your appearance.

Taking the time to calculate the funds that must spent in a month can help you from less important shopping activities. This will make you more efficient in using monthly money.


One method, although somewhat conventional, has a big impact on your life, especially if you have a lifestyle that tends to be luxurious. Set aside a few percent of the monthly income you get, and don’t use it except for urgent conditions. This will really help you when you are in an unexpected situation, such as an accident or natural disaster. By saving, that means you have to really save on monthly expenses.

Change Habits with Frugality

This method is effective enough to help you save money. For example, if you usually spend IDR 100,000 for one cup of your coffee, you can save it by choosing a menu or shop with coffee for IDR 50,000. Indeed, this is not easy. But, if you try it slowly, you will feel the positive impact at the end of the month.

Don’t Get Tempted

The presence of various facilities provided by online platforms certainly makes many people tempted to enjoy them. This is where your patience is teste. You are perfectly fine to use several online platforms to facilitate your affairs, but consider whether what you are doing has a big and important impact on your life, or even the other way around. Don’t be easily tempt by discounts that require you to buy products at high prices.

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