5 Criteria When Buying New Clothes, Girls Must Know

Have you ever had a moment when you were confused about choosing clothes? For some of us, choosing clothes is not as easy as pick and buy. Even because of this problem, many people spend their time just choosing which clothes best fit their posture and style and are just sure to add them to the shopping cart. Have you ever been in this position?

Well, if you are one of those who have experienced this situation. Worry no more, This time, I will give you tips and tricks so that you don’t get confused anymore when buying clothes. Come on!

1. Choose the size and model that suits your body shape

The size and model of clothing is indeed an important factor. Whether you’re a lover of slim fit or oversized clothes, you still have to pay attention to the size.

So, first, try to identify your body shape, whether it is a square, an inverted triangle, an hourglass, a pear or an apple. To make the selection easier, keep in mind the following types of body posture and appropriate clothing forms:

    Inverted triangle type: avoid sleeveless blouses/dresses and use bottoms with A-Line models

    Apple type: Wear clothes with A-Line models and don’t hesitate to show off the beauty of your legs by wearing a slit dress

    Pear type: Use a dark color for the bottom and with a wide model

    Hourglass type: wear a statement belt at the waist or a V-neck top

    Square type: wear two pieces or A-Line

Let’s go straight to the mirror and observe your body shape now!

2. The color or pattern of clothing gives a “magical” effect on the body

Many girls avoid patterned clothes because they are not confident with their body shape. Whereas patterned clothes can actually be used by girls with any body shape as long as the selection is right. For those of you who are curvy, for example, it is more advisable to use a vertical downward motif to get a slimmer effect.

Meanwhile, girls with small bodies are recommended to wear clothes with large motifs to add to the effect of a fuller body. It’s easy, right?

3. The type of fabric that suits the climate and weather

Living in America is a challenge in itself. The thing is, with a climate like this, the air humidity conditions also become higher, so it’s good for us to be able to choose the type of clothing that can support our activities optimally.

This fabric is suitable for tropical climates because the material is breathable, so this viscose-rayon fabric is suitable for everyday wear. In addition, viscose-rayon fabric is also made of soft material and is very suitable for Muslim fashion and tropical wear. Do you have clothes made of viscose-rayon at home?

4. Choose designer original products

When going shopping and choosing clothes, you can use this opportunity to support your country’s original products so that they are more known.

Moreover, by using the work of our nation’s children, we also support the campaigns voiced by the government. what is your favorite local brand?

5. Support the sustainable fashion campaign

Currently the world is faced with many problems in the environment and climate, one of which is because of the large amount of textile waste that cannot be decomposed and accumulates on land and sea. Not to mention, the COVID-19 pandemic is expected to add more medical waste that has the potential to threaten the environment even more. Only us can change this.

The trick is to continue to support sustainable fashion in our daily lives. So, by using viscose rayon, you also support the sustainable fashion movement. You see, viscose-rayon comes from renewable raw materials and is biodegradable or easy to decompose. If you use it, it means you are already supporting sustainable fashion.

Well, those of you who want to know more about sustainable fashion, you can visit the Jakarta Fashion Hub. Here you can get information about sustainable fashion and see how viscose rayon fabric can be turned into really cool clothes!

Hope it is useful.

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