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There’s nothing comfier than a great pair of leggings, and if you follow my blog, you know I’m a big fan of Spanx. I especially like the Spanx faux leather leggings, but more recently, I’ve been loving these Spanx Faux-Suede leggings.

These chic leggings feel like pants but are soft and snug, like leggings. There’s no button or zipper, you shimmy them on, and you have a sleek outfit that’s relaxed and easy to move around in. I love the look and feel of faux suede. It’s so rich and velvety, and the texture adds depth to an outfit.

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There are many ways to wear Spanx Faux Suede leggings, from pairing them with an oversized button-up shirt to a tee and long cardigan or even wearing them with a blazer. But I like the cozy classic look of pairing these suede leggings with a cable knit sweater.

This cotton cableknit is a beauty. Cableknit is a heavier knit that is very traditional, and because of that, it can sometimes be a little boring. Not this sweater. Do you see the four-square patchwork pattern on the front and how the knit is slightly different in each square? That’s such a modern, creative touch.

I also love the classic ivory shade of this pretty sweater paired with the rich caramel suede leggings. The chic brown boots top off the look.

I was after a classic, streamlined fall look when I put this together, and I think you can see that’s how it turned out. These leggings also come in soft, cool pink and a lively navy too.

This is a classy-looking outfit, all in neutrals, and I love how it looks now the leaves are starting to turn.

For any of you wondering how you clean these, that’s easy. Just toss them in the wash on cold/delicate and hang them dry.

Prefer wide-leg pants? I have a Spanx Suede wide-leg flare pants that I always reach for. To shop this fabulous outfit, check out the links below.

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