Millennial Banking, a Multi-Practical Financial Trend

In this modern era, millennial banking is increasingly loved by the millennial generation, especially with the convenience of making transactions using smartphones. Then what are the activities and habits that occur in this millennial banking?

Have More Than One Online Savings For Every Need

Did you know that millennials have more than one online savings account to manage their finances? This is due to the easier allocation of funds.

If all income is saved into several online savings accounts, millennials will be able to manage expenses according to existing needs. For example, saving A is used to pay for daily needs, saving B is for investment, and saving c is for retirement funds. So this can prevent swelling that often occurs when expenditure exceeds the requirement limit.

Millennial Savings No Need to Bring a Wallet!

Practically, this is the main thing that millennials pay most attention to, with millennial savings, they want to pay anything, it can be easier. Buy pizza, just scan the QR code, want to top up your e-wallet, just use your smartphone. No need to carry a thick wallet that makes you confused about where to put it.

Never Miss Paying Bills

Millennial banking does not only provide convenience in transactions. But it can also provide convenience in paying all bills on a scheduled basis. Only by accessing one application on their smartphone, all internet bills, electricity bills, and even credit card bills can be settled without having to stand in long queues in front of the ATM at the beginning of each month.

Split Bill with Friends Made Easier

Through online savings, millennials can more easily do split bills for drinks and food bills that are consumed together. All that’s left is to transfer a number of bills to the intended account number or cellphone number, so no one will have to be difficult to find small denominations for change.

Manage Online Business with Millennial Banking

Managing an online business with millennial banking can help make the budgeting process easier. In this case, Millennials can get account mutation reports anytime and anywhere.

Investment for the Future

Now there is growing awareness of the importance of investing early, making many millennials want to invest in order to protect the value of money from various risks. Investments that can be made are not only high-risk stocks, but also low-risk investments such as mutual funds, bonds and online retail SBN.

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