Recommended Reading for Young Investors 2

Inflation is a very troubling financial threat for all groups. In this case, the presence of investment is a key where you can maintain the value of your money and even have potential profits every year.

However, even so, you still need careful planning and in-depth knowledge about the investment itself. Therefore, here are 5 investment book recommendations that can help your understanding.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki

Through this book, Kiyosaki introduces to readers that basically poor people work to earn money, while rich people work to gain knowledge.

In this case, you will learn more about how to manage your finances, get to know the basic principles, so you can start investing and have a healthier financial condition. In addition, Kiyosaki teaches to allocate funds to 3 main types of assets, namely property, business, and paper assets (stocks or bonds). Everything is presented in a relaxed and easy to understand style.

Security Analysis – Benjamin Graham and David L. Dodd

Another investment book by Benjamin Graham. This book is also on Warren Buffett’s list of favorite books. The first edition of this book was released in 1934 and immediately became popular, becoming the “bible” for investors. What’s more, the theories written by Graham completely changed the investment activity. The effects are still felt today.

Slightly different from other books by Graham, Security Analysis is more weighty. So, it is recommended for you young investors who already understand the jargon and basic concepts of investing. You’ll learn the best ways to analyze profitable investment prospects, compare potential companies before buying stock, and research financial history.

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