Credit Card Options for Young People

During this pandemic, credit cards are much sought after by the public. Apart from being easy to activate, it turns out that there are also attractive offers such as discounts, points, installments, free annual card fees to its role as an emergency fund. So, it’s no wonder that young people today can easily apply for a credit card, which has many benefits.

How to use? How do I apply for a credit card? There must be a lot of random questions like this. Instead of wondering, you can find out first and understand what a credit card is. Watch this article till the end to find out the information.

What is a Credit Card?

In general, a credit card is a means of payment in lieu of cash in the form of a card issued by a bank to make it easier for its customers to make transactions. In contrast to debit cards, in bank credit cards it is like lending consumers money and not taking money from an account. At banks in Indonesia, credit cards were created for convenience and how they work are regulated by Banknegara. Currently there are various kinds of financial service companies as credit card providers in the world, including VISA, MasterCard, JBC, American Express and others.

In this digital era, you definitely don’t want to pay hard, right, especially if you have an urgent need to do so. One solution is that you must have a credit card. Check out the reasons credit cards must be used for beginners.

Easy and Practical Transactions

If you are a novice credit card user, you will experience the speed and ease of transactions, both online and offline transactions using a credit card.

Realizing Needs Quickly

With the card you have, you can realize your needs and desires quickly. Payments are made immediately without the need to spend cash.

Lots of Promos and Discounts

Credit cards can give you lots of promos, be it in the form of discounts, cashback or additional products from various merchants.

As an Emergency Fund

Sometimes in life there are things we don’t want. You can also use a credit card as an emergency fund. For example, suddenly the laptop that you use for your productivity is broken and you have to buy a new one immediately.

Get Rewards/Points

Banks will usually provide rewards or points as a feature of a credit card where by making transactions, you can collect these points which you can later exchange for additional profits.

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