Small Capital Business for Beginner Businessmen 1

Not a few people were found who canceled their intention to open a business because they were constrained by not having venture capital. In fact, not all businesses require large capital. If traced, many small capital businesses that can be initiated.

If you work on one type of small capital business and do it well, then this small capital business can be a field of money for you. There are several small capital businesses that require special skills to run, but don’t worry, there are also small capital businesses that everyone can run.

The most important capital for running this small capital business is intention and ideas. So, if you have creative intentions and ideas, the business you are running will go well. So, what are the small capital businesses that can be started for novice businessmen? Check out the explanation of the small capital business idea below.

Small Capital Business Ideas


The first small capital business that you can try is to become a dropshipper. Dropshipper is a person who markets products taken from manufacturers without buying product stock first.

So, you only focus on marketing products and serving consumers, while the products will be sent by manufacturers or suppliers and forwarded directly to consumers so you don’t need to spend capital to buy product stock. In becoming a dropshipper, you only have an electronic device, such as a cellphone or laptop and an internet connection.

Some of the advantages of this dropship system are that you don’t need capital because you don’t need to buy product stock first. Therefore, dropshipping is classified as a minimal risk business because the risk of unsold or damaged goods is very small. However, because you don’t buy stock first, you don’t know the quality of the product.

So if your consumers get a damaged product, you will be complained and your customer loyalty will decrease. In addition, by using the online system you can sell anywhere and anytime.

Entrust Service

The second small capital business is the entrusted service business. Now the entrusted service business or what is usually abbreviated as jastip is growing and easy to find anywhere. This delivery service business is a service that buys certain products entrusted by consumers by adding the price of these products.

Usually this entrusted service is carried out when the service provider is traveling out of town or abroad. At the time of payment, the consumer pays the price of the product plus the delivery fee and shipping costs. The products that are frequently sought after are skincare, makeup, bags, clothing, accessories, trending food, foreign food, merchandise, and so on.

In running this delivery service business, there are a number of things that you need to pay attention to, namely you must know who your target market is and then you must also know what products are trending. Therefore, you can take advantage of this situation to open a deposit service. Apart from that, you also have to determine the working system of this entrusted service. Do consumers have to pay for everything in advance, pay a down payment in advance, or even pay when the goods are received.

This must be carefully thought out so that there is no loss to each other. One of the most important things in this deposit service is promotion. Promotion must be done well so that the business can run smoothly.

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