A marketing strategy is needed to promote your small capital business. The business opportunity strategy for selling with an online system is so large that you have to take advantage of the internet to promote the products you sell. There are several ways you can do your sales marketing strategy, namely as follows.

Social media

As we know that everyone must have social media from various backgrounds. So do not be surprised if social media is one of the lands that you can use to sell.


In this modern era, there are also various kinds of marketplaces that are used for selling land. You can take advantage of this marketplace to open your dropship online shop.

Hold a Giveaway

This method is often used in selling and can be said to be quite effective in capturing the hearts of consumers. The strategy that can be done in this giveaway program is to provide conditions to follow your business’ social media accounts and promote your products on their social media accounts. With that, many people will know about your product.

It can be seen that all businesses do not require large capital. If you dig deeper, there will be lots of small capital businesses that you can start. For those of you who want to start a business, you don’t need to worry if you have limited capital.

Because the Bank provides various loan facilities that you can use. There are Investment Loans, Fixed Loans, Current Account Loans and Revolving Loans.

Investment Loans are in the form of long-term loans to finance business investment needs. Fixed Loans, namely in the form of non-revolving working capital loans with a repayment scheme made in installments.

Current Account Loans are short-term working capital loans that can be repaid and disbursed repeatedly. Meanwhile, Revolving Loans are structured short-term working capital loans to support customers’ business capital needs.

There are many advantages of each of these business capital loan facilities that you can try.

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