Prepare the following 4 things to start a career as a YouTuber

Under current conditions, the consumption of digital technology is getting higher. This is because all activities must still be carried out from inside the house and the limitations of outdoor activities, so that sources of entertainment and information have turned to social media. One of the most popular is the YouTube platform. On this platform, anyone is free to upload videos of their creations.

Now, YouTuber is a profession that many people dream of. If you are one of those who wants to start the profession of becoming a YouTuber, prepare the following 4 things so you can be successful.

Concept and Branding

Unlike most people’s views, the YouTuber profession is not just a hobby. You still need a mature concept and marketing strategy that suits the target audience you want to reach.

First of all, decide what kind of concept you want to make your YouTube channel stand out. There are various choices, ranging from comedy, tutorials, music, technology, gaming, or beauty. From here, it will be easier to determine the style of video to be produced and design the right branding.

Then, use other social media to share your YouTube channel and videos. One thing you have to remember is to always be consistent with the initial concept that you have determined. That way, your YouTuber career will grow every time.

Quality Creative Content

A good concept is meaningless if it is not accompanied by quality content. Viral videos will indeed be more profitable, but this is not a guarantee that a YouTuber will be more successful. Some YouTubers even get into trouble because of video content that is considered controversial.

Creating quality content requires careful planning. You can start by considering what topics of discussion you want to raise. Understand current conditions and take advantage of popular moments to serve as video topics. Then, make a script so that the actions and conversations in the video run smoother.

It’s also a good idea to design a storyboard that will help you set camera angles, cut scenes, and a rough look for the video to be made. After finishing making the video, pay attention to the comments from the video viewers. Accommodate any suggestions or criticisms to be used as a basis for creating better content and according to the wishes of your subscribers.

Powerful Sophisticated Equipment

Talking about video content, viewers will be more interested in following a YouTuber who always uploads videos with high-quality visuals and audio, especially in the midst of fierce competition between YouTubers. For that, you have to prepare a camera, lighting, and microphone.

Even if your smartphone has pretty good camera features, you still need a professional camera that can produce high-resolution videos. Also complete with a tripod so that the video looks more stable and the camera is easier to carry anywhere. Also prepare a microphone according to the type of video to be made. You can choose a condenser microphone, clip on microphone, or shotgun microphone.

Finally, use lighting for even better image quality. Besides being very useful for shooting videos in dark places, lighting is also still needed when you are going to shoot in a well-lit place. This is to ensure that the captured images on the camera remain of high quality.

Video Editing Software

Some computers are equipped with software to edit videos for free. You can use the built-in software to better understand how and how to edit videos. Even though the visuals and audio are good enough, the editing results will determine how creative and interesting the video is.

You can include sound effects, text, and other additional components. Then, you can also cut out the scenes that you think are less important and combine other scenes to make them more harmonious. You need qualified software for higher quality editing results.

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