florist near meDoes anyone take any notice of the flowers and plants round them? Things were getting better; we even planned our summer season trip to my husband’s native place Dapoli. Last yr we could not go due to the lockdown, we missed having mangoes, jackfruits, cashews and karanda (carandas plum) so I used to be excited this time but then pandemic struck once more with the deadly second wave. Now every morning we are waking up to the information that someone we know has died. All through the day there are frantic pleas for Oxygen, hospital beds, medicine on the cellphone, online and even on the streets. And amidst all of this we’re also seeing the individuals who get up every morning, placed on their safety gear and get right down to the business of saving as many people as they can. We’re eternally indebted to all the frontline warriors for … Read more “Blue Dragonfly Lower Flower Farm LLC”

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