amazon shoppingThe Internet has made loads of issues very handy. An interesting characteristic of non secular autobiography throughout Christian history is the variety of occasions somebody, while grappling with a dilemma or pouring their heart out to God, feels impressed to open the Bible and browse the first verse their eyes come to. Maybe the earliest and most notable of these moments is the story of St. Augustine’s conversion to Christianity as related in Confessions. Having explored and experimented with the varied philosophies of his day, he more and more felt drawn to Christianity, changing into convinced it was God’s truth, however nonetheless unable to totally commit himself to the faith.

Girdle guys-many guys put on girdles and if they begin in an early age they try to stick with it. It’s too bad that many more don’t put on girdles. Poor souls. They might adore it. I met my girl … Read more “Oil Spill Pollutes Nature Reserve In Ecuadoran Amazon”

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