Teach your little one Logical Shopping

Shopping for household needs has become a routine obligation that is carried out every month. Parents can take advantage of this momentum to introduce their little ones to the importance of logical shopping from an early age. The method:

Give Example

Make a shopping list and involve the child in buying items together according to the list. Also explain the importance of discipline in shopping logically, so you don’t add unnecessary items.

Be Careful with Prices

When shopping, don’t be afraid to discuss prices with your child. Also choose a place that supports you logical shopping. For example, at Giant or Hero you will get a 20% discount every Monday – Thursday for fresh products using the PermataHero Card. Apart from that, there is also a 3.5% cashback for every purchase in the Hero Group. Even if you shop elsewhere you can get 1.5% cashback with a PermataHero Card. Buying family needs at Hero Group will also get a 5% discount on private label products.

Stay calm

As a parent, you will definitely encounter moments where your child whines asking for something while shopping. If this happens, explain to your little one calmly and rationally that the current budget is for shared needs first.

Watch Children

Always supervise your little one even when shopping and doing other activities, so that your child can learn to pay attention to you. If you are busy with him and have to pay bills, use Bills to Pay on Mobile Credit Cards to pay bills.

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