Tips for Choosing Fresh Fish in the Market for Beginners, Check the Scales

Containing high protein, fish is a favorite side dish for many people. Not only that, fish is also delicious cooked into various preparations.

Sometimes, fish is also often used as a substitute side dish when you are bored of eating chicken meat. Fish itself is easy to get anywhere, from supermarkets to markets.

Buying fish at the supermarket is obviously easier because it’s packaged in such a way and looks fresher. However, it is different when you want to buy fresh fish at the market. You must be careful before buying, especially if you are a beginner!

For those who want to buy, it’s good to see a number of tips on choosing fresh fish in the following markets. Beginners like you must know so you don’t choose the wrong one!

Smell the fish

When you want to choose fresh fish at the market, you have to rely on your sense of smell. Because, the way to find out if the fish is fresh or not is to smell it with your nose.

Fresh fish smells like the sea. It’s different if when you smell it it actually smells rancid or other strange smells. If you get smells like that, it’s a sign that the fish you are currently holding is not fresh.

Make sure the fish scales are still attached

All the fish sold in the market will definitely look nice and shiny. However, it never hurts to check for yourself. Try using your hand to feel the body of the fish.

If there are still scales attached, that’s a sign the fish is still fresh. Meanwhile, if when you touch the fish, the scales suddenly come off, it indicates that the fish is in an old condition and is no longer fresh.

Check the eyelets

As a buyer, let alone a beginner who has never cooked fish before, you really have to be careful in choosing fish. Fresh fish eyes should look clean with prominent black pupils.

If confused, fresh fish should have the same eye condition when it was still alive. However, if what you find is the opposite, namely the pupils look cloudy, it means that the quality of the fish has decreased.

Check the fins and tail of the fish

With the wrong handling, fish fins can be torn or damaged immediately. Fins and tail that are still intact indicate that the fish was handled properly. Not only that, fins and tails that are still viable indicate that the fish is fresh favorite.

It’s best to avoid choosing fish with fins or tails that are fragile, let alone dry. Usually, such fish not only decline in quality, but also are not handled properly.

Don’t forget to check the gills of the fish

When buying fish at the market, the seller will allow us to check the condition of the fish ourselves. Don’t let you miss this opportunity. You can find out whether the fish is fresh or not by checking the gills.

Fish gills are usually located on the side, to the left or right of the fish head. If the gills of the fish you see are still red, that means the fish is still fresh.

It’s not difficult to choose fresh fish in the market, right? Hopefully the tips above can help, especially those of you who are beginners when you want to buy fish at the market. Don’t make the wrong choice favorite, OK?

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